Does Jiffy Lube Do motorcycle inspections?

Among other things, we perform inspections & emissions to make sure the vehicle meets state and local safety and/or emission standards. If planning on coming by, make sure to print out an oil change coupon and get an oil change done while here.

Does Jiffy Lube do safety inspections?

Jiffy Lube® fluid services help maintain your vehicle’s performance in areas such as brakes, transmission, radiator coolant and more. For quick and convenient inspections and testing, Jiffy Lube® may offer the services you need to help ensure your vehicle meets local emissions and/or safety requirements.

How much is a motorcycle inspection in NY?

Heavy vehicle safety inspections cost $20. Safety inspections for trailers over 18,000 pounds and all semi-trailers cost $12. Safety inspections for motorcycles cost $6.

Does Walmart do vehicle safety inspections?

Short Answer: Most Walmart Auto Care Centers (including 90% of the locations we checked) do not do car inspections due to state certification requirements.

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Does Valvoline do motorcycle inspections?

Short Answer: Valvoline does state inspections at some (but not all) of its service locations. Vehicle inspections typically take 30 minutes to one hour and do not require an appointment; the average cost for an inspection is about $25.

How much does an oil change typically cost?

Typically, an oil and filter change using conventional oil will cost between $35 and $75, depending on your area. If your car requires synthetic oil, you should expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $125. Some people are handy and have the time and tools to replace their own oil and filter.

How much is a lube job at Jiffy Lube?

An average oil change price starts from $25

However, an average cost of oil change at Jiffy Lube starts from $25 and goes up to $60 depending on the car.

Is there a grace period for expired inspection in NY?

There is no grace period after an emissions and inspection sticker expires; however, the vehicle owner may be able to obtain an extension in certain situations.

Can you get a 10 day inspection sticker NY?

The extension allows you 10 days from the date the vehicle returns to New York State to get an inspection. Allow 14 days for the DMV to process and mail your extension sticker. You will need it before you return your vehicle to New York.

How much is a NYS inspection sticker?

How Much Does A NYS Inspection Cost? For cars that are newer than 1996, the price of an inspection sticker will be $37. Cars that are model years 1995 or older only require a vehicle safety inspection and no emissions which costs $10. At M-Spec Performance we aim to make every inspection visit speedy and convenient.

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Does NTB do inspections?

Just give them a ring to find out. The cost varies by state, but on average, the inspection runs about $16. It includes a complete review of your: Brakes and parking brake.

Does BJ’s do car inspections?

Vehicle Inspection

Annual maintenance and visual inspections are your first line of defense in finding problems early. … If you are concerned about the safety and road worthiness of your car or light truck, schedule a maintenance inspection today at BJ’s Tire Pros.

How much does a car inspection cost in Rhode Island?

The RI Emissions and Safety Testing Program inspection costs $55.00 and provides a sticker good for two years.

Where can I get a motorcycle inspected near me?

Most Reviewed Motorcycle Inspection Stations Near Me

  • Shift. 1490 reviews. …
  • Paul’s Mobile Detailing. 595 reviews. …
  • Advanced Autowerks. 498 reviews. …
  • Valvoline Instant Oil Change. 473 reviews. …
  • Paul’s Battery & Tire Company. 439 reviews. …
  • Luscious Garage Hybrid Specialists. 319 reviews. …
  • Eddie’s 76 Service Center. 299 reviews. …
  • The Smog Shop.

Can I take my own oil to Valvoline?

Yes, you can. The mechanic will use your filter and your oil and charge you the same price for the oil change. Some may refuse the service, but you can certainly ask them.

How much does a Valvoline oil change cost?

An oil change costs from $20 to $100 at quick lube shops.

Oil change prices at chain shops.

Company Price range*
Valvoline $39.99-$89.99
Walmart $19.88-$49.88
Types of transport