Frequent question: What engines do mutt motorcycles use?

Engine type Air-cooled SOHC four-stroke single
Displacement 124cc
Maximum power 12bhp
Maximum torque 7.4lb ft
Gearbox Five-speed

Are mutt motorcycles any good?

Mutt seem to be a good brand, I believe they are a British brand that gets Chinese bikes built to their specifications and have an extra quality control step. Old Chinese bikes were ass but the new ones seem to do well if you look after them.

Where are Mutt bikes made?

Birmingham based Mutt motorcycles seem keen to avoid mentioning it on their website, but their engines are manufactured in China. We hope we’ve said enough to let this dissuade you from taking a look at their range (the factory that builds their engines also does so for Suzuki).

Are mash motorcycles any good?

If you’re wanting a cheap and cheerful 125cc motorbike, the MASH is worth considering. It’s a bit basic, but it’s styled well for the most part and has no big issues getting us around town or along back roads. … Just make sure you check out any used bikes thoroughly and get all the necessary paperwork.

Where are mash motorcycles from?

If you’ve not heard of Mash then they’re a French Manufacturer, that makes motorbikes that look like classic English bikes, and are assembled in China.

Are mutt motorcycles Chinese?

There’s a new breed of bike emerging, have you noticed? It’s a sort of Anglo-Chinese hybrid which feeds the fashion for small retro bikes in 125 and 250cc form. Mutt Motorcycles, which has grown out of custom builders Boneshaker Choppers, focuses on appearance and custom parts. …

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Who manufactures AJS motorcycles?

A.J.S was acquired by Matchless Motorcycles in 1931 and produced famous models such as 16MS, 18MS, Model 20,30,31, CSRs and the “Boy Racer” 7R. In 1966 A.J.S was absorbed into the Norton Villiers group.

Are mash motorcycles Chinese?

MASH is based in France, but again, its bikes are produced in China, with a slick range of well-priced 50, 125, 250, 400 and 650cc machines on offer in the UK.

Are mash motorcycles available in USA?

All Mash Motor Company auto-cycles are 100% handmade in the U.S.A. Enjoy a sleek and timeless vehicle that’s not only safe and affordable, but absolutly fun!

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