How do you read a Harley Davidson serial number?

What do Harley VIN numbers mean?

The VIN code of the motorcycle can tell you as much information as the DNA of a human being. … The second group is the bikes that were produced from 1970 to 1980. The VIN code consists of 9 characters. The code includes such information about the HD bike as the model, the year and the production number.

How do I know what model Harley I have?

Every Harley Davidson car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more.

What do the letters mean on Harley models?

As a general rule when it comes to Harley abbreviations the following three standards apply: 1st Letter: This signifies the engine series. G = Servicar three wheeler, 1937 to 1972. E = Overhead valve 61 cubic inch “big twin” (Engine and trans separated) F = Overhead valve “Big Twin”

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How do I check a VIN number on a Harley Davidson?

Just follow these really simple steps.

  1. Find the VIN number of the Harley in question, usually on the frame;
  2. Type the number into our VIN checker paying attention to every digit. …
  3. Click on the Check VIN button and wait a few seconds;

How do you read a motorcycle VIN number?

How to Read a Motorcycle VIN Number

  1. Examine all sides of the steering head of the motorcycle and look for a metal plate with information printed or engraved on it.
  2. Write down the 17-digit VIN.
  3. Read the first three numbers, which identify the manufacturer; all motorcycles of the same make should have the same first three digits.

How do you decode a VIN number?

How to decode a VIN?

  1. Digits 1 through 3 combined is the WMI, (World Manufacturer Identifier).
  2. Digits 4 through 8 represent the vehicle descriptor section.
  3. Digit 9 is a check digit.
  4. Digits 10 through 17 is the Vehicle Identifier Section.
  5. The 11th digit is the manufacturer’s plant code.

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What does FLH Harley stand for?

The Harley-Davidson FLH motorcycle, manufactured by the Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, originated in 1949 as the Hydra-Glide touring model, so named for its hydraulically damped telescopic forks. … The FLH motorcycles continue in 2009 as Electra-Glides.

How many Harley Davidson models are there?

At the time this has been authored, there are five model families within H-D: Touring, Sportster, Dyna, Softail and V-Rod. Let’s start with the easy one.

What are the different Harley models?

Models Overview

  • Harley-Davidson Street™ Models. Street™ 500. Street™ 750.
  • Sportster® Models. Iron 883™ SuperLow® …
  • Dyna® Models. Wide Glide. Switchback.
  • Softail® Models. Fat Boy® Fat Boy® Lo. …
  • V-Rod® Models. Night Rod® Special. V-Rod Muscle®
  • Touring Models. Road King® …
  • CVO™ Models. CVO™ Street Glide® …
  • Trike Models. Freewheeler™
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What does FLFB mean?

The meaning of FLFB abbreviation is “Formerly Live from Brazil” What does FLFB mean? FLFB as abbreviation means “Formerly Live from Brazil”

With that classic Harley Davidson style, comfort and easy handling, it’s no wonder the Softail model is a favorite. In particular, the Street Glide and Street Bob are some of the most popular bikes for this model.

What does the FX mean in Harley Davidson?

FL= models with floor boards. FLST= floorboard model soft tail. FX = semi ruber mount motor model, sport models include dyna low rider, wide glide,standard. FLH= electra glides rubber mount motors( ultra,classic,standard,streetglide,roadkigs.roadgl ides)

What year did Harley start putting VIN on frame?

Beginning in 1981, Harley started using a 17 digit VIN number on the frame and an abbreviated VIN on the engine case.

What size engine does my Harley have?

The most accurate method to determine a Harley-Davidson’s total displacement in cubic-inches is by using the engine’s bore and stroke specifications; however, this can only be done if you can obtain these specifications through a service manual, magazine review or a spec sheet provided by the engine tuner.

Where was my Harley Davidson made?

Harleys sold in the U.S. are indeed assembled in one of four plants located in Wisconsin, Missouri and Pennsylvania. But the brakes and clutch are imported from Italy, the engine pistons are made in Austria, the bike suspension comes from Japan, and other electronic components originate in Mexico and China.

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