How long do motorcycle race tires last?

Much like automobile tires, motorcycle tires wear at different speeds. You may be wondering, “How long do motorcycle tires last?” With routine motorcycle service, the front tire on a sport motorcycle can last for about 3,700 miles, while the rear tire can last for around 1,800 miles.

How long do motorcycle track tires last?

As a general rule, the lifespan of your motorcycle tires should not go over and beyond five years. Some experts suggest that the tire is as good as dead five years after the date of manufacturer. However, you can extend this to ten years.

How long do race tires last?

A decent track/street type tire that you can drive to the track on and use in the rain would last something like approx 8 full weekends. You can also buy used and not spend much so tire budget can be very low for just having fun.

How often should motorcycle tires be replaced?

The 5 year test… before it’s too late! After 5 years or more of use, tires should be examined every year by a professional mechanic. If the tires need to be changed, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to replacing original components.

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Why do motorcycle tires wear out so fast?

Sportbike tires are meant to provide maximum grip so they are a soft compound that wears quickly. When you only have 2 tires you need more grip than you do in a car, and that’s why you get more wear than your standard car tires.

Why are motorcycle tires so expensive?

The tires are more expensive due to the law of supply and demand. There are not as many motorcycles as there are cars so every motorcycle tire is more expensive since they make fewer. And there are many more sizes of tires to stock. The labor charge to install said tires is more because of the work required.

When should track tires be replaced?

Inspect all tires before and after the event, looking for any damage to the sidewall, beads, treads or carcass. Early wearing out of the rubber tread areas that show no blocks or treadwear bars are especially prone to wearing down to cords. Once cords show do not track that tire, it needs to be replaced.

How many track days does a set of tires have?

Ask around at the event or preferably b4 hand, what pressures guys use for this with rims and tires like urs on ur model and year. Hopefully it’s a PCA event. All that said, yes u can probably get 8-12 track days out of your tires, depending on the tires, pressures, track, alignment, laps driven, and ur driving style.

How do I know if my motorcycle tires are worn out?

The middle of the tire sees the most contact with the road and usually wears out first. We can measure your tread depth for you or you can check your wear indicators. Many motorcycle tires have wear indicators cast into the rubber tread grooves. Look for one of the tire grooves with a raised segment of rubber.

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What is the longest lasting motorcycle tire?

Here are six of Amazon’s top-rated touring tires that claim to offer the best blend of technology, durability, and performance.

  • Michelin Pilot Road 4. Michelin. …
  • Continental Road Attack 3. Continental. …
  • Michelin Commander II. Michelin. …
  • Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra. …
  • Bridgestone Battlax T30 Evo. …
  • Bridgestone Excedra. …
  • Dunlop Elite-4.

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How much does it cost to replace motorcycle tires?

Motorcycle Tire Changes

Tires are expensive when it comes to motorcycles. The average tire set for a bike is about $200 to $500, but this will vary with the type of tire you select and your motorcycle. Naturally, it depends on the activity, such as off-roading, and the kind of bike you have.

Should I replace both motorcycle tires at the same time?

The answer is no, you probably don’t need to replace both tires at once. That’s because the function of one doesn’t affect the function of the other. In fact, according to Side Car, the rear wheel gets worn out about twice as fast as the front wheel due to how the motorcycle works.

Which tire wears faster on a motorcycle?

In case of a two-wheeler the rear wheel which obviously is the power wheel wears down faster. When we are accelerating the pressure on rear wheel is more as compared to the front wheel. This is also one of the reasons why manufacturers throw in a bigger wheel at the rear as compared to the one in front.

Can I put a bigger tire on my motorcycle?

As long as the tires fit the bike (ie, don’t start rubbing against the frame/swingarm/etc) you can put larger tires on, but it won’t improve the handling. It will probably make it worse. The wider and heavier the tires, the more inertia they’ll have and the bigger contact patch will make the bike harder to turn.

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