How much does it cost to mount and balance motorcycle tires?

How much does it cost to have a motorcycle tire mounted?

I normally pay around $30 for the front and $50 for the rear. I also buy my tires from this dealer. I think he charges more if you buy the tire somewhere else. Since his tire prices are about the same as internet prices I come out ahead buying from the dealer.

What is the average cost to mount and balance tires?

With an average mount and balance cost of $15 or more per tire, each time, that’s a cost of $30 per tire, per year.

How much does Walmart charge to mount and balance their tires?

Short Answer: Walmart Auto Centers provide a variety of automotive services, including tire balancing and tire mounting. Tire balancing costs $12 per tire, and tire mounting costs around $22 to $35 per tire at Walmart.

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How much does Walmart charge to mount and balance 2 tires?

Despite the low installation fee at Walmart — $12 per tire — the package lands in third place. The deal is less generous than that offered by its two top rivals. It includes mounting, valve stems, and lifetime balance and rotation after every 7,500 miles, plus a lug re-torque after the first 50 miles.

Why are motorcycle tires so expensive?

The tires are more expensive due to the law of supply and demand. There are not as many motorcycles as there are cars so every motorcycle tire is more expensive since they make fewer. And there are many more sizes of tires to stock. The labor charge to install said tires is more because of the work required.

Where does the red dot on a motorcycle tire go?

If present, mount tire so that arrow points in direction of rotation. Some METZELER tires have a red dot in the tire sidewall to indicate the lightest point which should be positioned next to the valve. Clean and lubricate bead with tire mounting lubricant or soapy water.

How much does it cost to get 4 tires mounted and balanced?

There’s usually a standard fee for this service, which is called mounting and balancing. This fee will vary depending on the tire size, your area and the tire installation shop you choose, but it can range from $15 to $45 per tire.

Is it cheaper to buy tires online and have them installed?

When you factor in shipping, it isn’t much cheaper than just buying locally. It’s also easier dealing with warranty issues when there’s a brick-and-mortar store. I’ve used NTB on various occasions to put tires I purchased online. There are times when they don’t even put it in their system.

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Do I need an alignment after replacing tires?

A wheel alignment isn’t necessary when you have new tires installed, but it’s a really (like, really) good idea. An alignment helps ensure that all four tires are correctly angled with each other and the road. … A wheel alignment can help you get more miles out of a new set of tires.

How much does Costco charge to mount and balance tires?

An Installation charge of $18.99 per tire is included in the quoted price. This includes: Mounting, Lifetime Balancing, Lifetime Rotation, Lifetime Flat Repair, Lifetime Air Pressure Checks, New Rubber Valve Stem, & Costco Wholesale’s Road Hazard Warranty.

Does Walmart install tires bought elsewhere?

If you need to have tires installed that you bought somewhere else, you can still get the same basic installation for an additional $10 per tire. … And Walmart’s “basic installation” includes more than just installing the new tires.

How much does Walmart charge for an alignment?

At Walmart, you can get your car’s front wheels aligned somewhere between $30 and $65, while four-wheel alignment costs from $50 to $95.

How much is tire rotation at Walmart?

$10 per tire for mounting your vehicle’s tire. $2.5 per tire for tire rotation only.

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