Is the Harbor Freight motorcycle lift any good?

Works great. I have an old FLH and a Fatboy and no problems with either. I tried something different to hold the front wheel but went back to what it came with. It works fine too.

What is the best motorcycle lift for the money?

Top 8 Motorcycle Lift Tables Compared

Photo Product Name Capacity
Best Overall 1. Tuxedo M-1500C-HR 1,500 lbs.
Best for Commercial Use 2. APlusLift AP-MT1500X 1,500 lbs
Our Choice 3. Black Widow ProLift 1,500 lbs.
Best for Small Motorcycles 4. Extreme Max 5001.5083 300 lbs.

How much does a Harbor Freight motorcycle lift weigh?

44 in. 113.40 lb. 24-3/8 in. 121.25 lb.

How much is a motorcycle lift?

Atlas® manufactures several styles of Motorcycle Lifts that range in price from $69 to $1295 and have lifting capacities from 300 lbs. to 1500 lbs. The various models of the Atlas® Motorcycle Lift are operated using several different power sources.

How long is a motorcycle lift?

Total dimensions: 8 -1/2″ to 34” tall x 81-1/4″ long x 21-3/4″ wide.

How can I lift my motorcycle without a stand?

Put a block under the side stand and the jack on the other side of the bike. Forward of the sidestand if you want ot raise the front wheel, behind the sidestand to raise the rear. Either way, your bike will be supported by a wheel, the sidestand, and the jack.

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How does a motorcycle dolly work?

If you don’t have a lot of space in your garage or you have to maneuver your bike into a tight spot, you should consider getting a motorcycle dolly. They are basically skates for your bike. You simply slide the dolly under the tires, so you can more easily move your bike around.

What is a motorcycle lift used for?

A motorcycle lift is a lift table that is designed to handle motorcycles. Many repair shops use such lifts to bring the vehicle off of the ground and up to a level so that the mechanic does not have to put any strain on his or her back or lay upon the ground to perform any kind of work upon the vehicle.

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