Question: Does Harley Davidson Financial have a grace period?

Does Harley-Davidson® Financial Services offer a grace period for late payments? No. All payments should be made on or before the due date listed in your contract and on your statement. … Further, late fees will be charged if we do not receive your payment within 10 days from your due date.

Can you refinance a Harley Davidson loan?

The short answer is yes, you can refinance your motorcycle loan. … You may be able to save money if you’re able to refinance to a lower annual percentage rate (APR). A lower APR might be a good reason to refinance, but you also might need to lower your payments, which can be done by refinancing for a longer term.

What credit score is needed to buy a Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson doesn’t publish credit score requirements. But you’ll have more options if you have a credit score above 670 — what most lenders consider to be a good credit score. Low DTI. Your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) shows how much money you have left to after paying monthly bills.

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Can I pay my Harley payment with a credit card?

You will need to supply a valid bank routing number (RTN) along with the associated valid bank account number for Electronic Check (“eCheck”) or a valid credit/debit card number and expiration date for credit/debit card payments. … Minimum payment for all other loans is $10.00 and maximum payment is $2,500.00.

What credit report agency does Harley Davidson use?

Re: Anybody ever financed a Harley Thru Harley Davidson

They only pulled TransUnion.

Does refinancing hurt your credit?

Taking on new debt typically causes your credit score to dip, but because refinancing replaces an existing loan with another of roughly the same amount, its impact on your credit score is minimal.

What is a good interest rate on a motorcycle loan?

The 4 best motorcycle loan rates of 2020

Lender APR Best For…
LightStream 4.29% – 11.89% Same-day funding
MyAutoLoan 3.49% – 4.69% Bad credit or no credit
MotorcycleLender From 6.99% Unsecured loans
Harley Davidson From 3.99% Best for HD enthusiasts

Will Harley Davidson finance no credit?

Do you make good money but have had late payments because of medical bills, divorce or loss of job, we can help get you approved on a Harley-Davidson® even with bad credit. We offer special financing on Harley-Davidson® for people with bad credit.

How long can you finance a Harley Davidson?

Take advantage of extended terms now available on all Sportster® models and ride for as little as $13620 per month with 10% Down20 for 84 months.

Can I get a motorcycle loan with a 650 credit score?

You definitely can get a motorcycle loan with a 650 credit score but, if you can, hold off until you improve your credit score by 100 points. Finding the best auto interest rates can save you thousands.

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How easy is it to get a Harley credit card?

The baseline minimum score to qualify for the Harley-Davidson Credit Card is 660, which is the bottom of the “good credit” range. But simply having a 660 credit score doesn’t guarantee you of approval.

Where do I send my Harley payment?

Contact HDFS

  • Phone. 1-888-MY1-HDFS (1-888-691-4337)
  • Mail Payment. Harley Davidson Credit Corp. Dept 15129. Palatine, IL 60055-5129. (Make checks payable to Harley-Davidson Credit Corp.)
  • Overnight Payment Address. Harley-Davidson Credit Corp. Dept 15129. 5505 N. …
  • Mail Other Inquiries. Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc.

How do I pay my Harley Davidson bill?

To make a one-time payment or to set up a recurring payment you will need to call 1-800-700-2312 or access our website ( and then follow the HDFS Bill Pay link and supply your unique identifying information which includes: (1) your Harley-Davidson Credit account number; and (2) your Authorization …

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