Question: What do baffles do for motorcycle exhaust?

A baffle is just a part inside the exhaust intended to slow down the exhaust gases before they exit the exhaust thus quieting the motorcycle down. Another use for an exhaust baffle is to create what’s referred to as “back pressure” inside the system.

What is the purpose of a baffle in an exhaust?

An exhaust baffle is an acoustically tuned metallic chamber placed inside a motor vehicle’s muffler to cancel out, or muffle, the sound from the vehicle’s exhaust outlet.

Will removing baffles hurt my bike?

As for your bike- if you remove baffle(s) from the muffler, your bike will be louder and also slightly more powerful. There will not be any impact on engine health or longevity.

Do quiet baffles affect performance?

The quiet baffles won’t affect your performance that much. It’s measurable on the dyno but not noticeable in actual use.

How does a motorcycle baffle work?

Sound works in exactly the same way when it hits a “wall,” or “baffle.” When soundwaves hit the baffle, some of them will form a counterwave that pushes back against the incoming soundwaves. This won’t entirely cancel the sound out, but it will reduce it by bouncing some back.

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Is it bad to run straight pipe on a motorcycle?

straight pipes arent that good for a bike, because when you let off the throttle, the sudden lack of hot gases being pushed out can cause cold air to be sucked in, which can damage your exhaust valves, and make for a VERY pricey repair. police will DEFINATELY like to follow and stop you often too.

How does baffle size affect sound?

If we’re talking about straight through pipes with no mufflers/baffles then a smaller diameter pipe will give you a snappier sound (high frequency) and a larger diameter pipe will give you a deeper sound (low frequency). … A baffle is a mechanical device used to disrupt sound waves.

Will removing baffles void warranty?


They will not void anything unless it causes a problem, for example punching your baffles would not have anything to do with a problem with your brakes but if you burned a valve out they could say it was caused by the exuast mod.

Should I wrap my motorcycle baffles?

Yes, fiberglass muffler wrap will quite down the exhaust. Get the 1/4 inch thick sheets of 1300-degree fiberglass, and add one wrap at a time around the baffles until you are happy with the sound. Do not use stainless steel, as it is flammable.

Is it bad to ride a motorcycle without a muffler?

Can You Ride A Motorcycle Without Exhaust? The simple answer is YES (it’s possible but it’s not always legal). The most noticeable thing about getting rid of your stock muffler is the resultant loud and annoying noise. To be safe, ensure that the noise you create does not exceed the EU regulations of about 97 decibels.

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Are Vance and Hines slip ons loud?

I have Vance and Hines Twin Slash slip ons, and I am extremely happy with them. They are a little loud (at first) as far as slip ons go, but I absolutely love their sound. Plus you can always buy a pair of their quiet baffles if you find them to be a little much.

Do Vance and Hines slip ons have baffles?

Do you offer replacement baffles? Yes, we do offer replacement baffles for the majority of our exhaust systems.

Are Vance and Hines straight shots loud?

They state 2-3 decibels quieter but that doesn’t seem like it will be all that much given how loud it is.

How can I make my motorcycle exhaust quieter?

7 Ways to make your motorcycle exhaust quieter

  1. Check for holes in your exhaust system. …
  2. Replace the mufflers. …
  3. Upgrade to better mufflers. …
  4. Try wrapping the pipes. …
  5. Invest in motorcycle exhaust silencer. …
  6. Switch to new pipes.

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How do you put a baffle on a motorcycle?

How to Install Baffles in Motorcycle Pipes

  1. Hold the baffle on the underside of the pipe with the cone portion of the baffle pointing forward and the baffle back end flush or just forward of the end of the pipe. …
  2. Drill a 1/4-inch clearance hole at the cone mark on the bottom of the pipe. …
  3. Insert the baffle into the exhaust pipe.
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