What does trail mean on a motorcycle?

Trail, or caster, is the horizontal distance from where the front wheel touches the ground to where the steering axis intersects the ground. The measurement is considered positive if the front wheel ground contact point is behind (towards the rear of the bike) the steering axis intersection with the ground.

How does trail affect motorcycle handling?

The bottom line here is that the more rake and trail we have, the more stable the bike will become, although both steering and maneuverability may suffer for it. Conversely, when rake and trail are reduced, the bike will steer quicker and become more maneuverable, though it’s usually at the expense of stability.

What is the trail measurement on a motorcycle?

Trail (B) is measured in distance (inches or millimeters) between the point of the front wheel’s contact with the ground and a line drawn through the axis of the steering head. Under normal operation, this contact point is always some distance behind the projected line—somewhere between 2 and 4 inches (5–10 cm).

What is the rake on a Harley?

Rake is the angle, in degrees, that the steering head of the frame—not the forks—is tilted back from the vertical. For example, the rake angle on all the Harley-Davidson Touring models is 26 degrees.

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What is rake and stretch on a motorcycle?

Stretch and Rake:

This repositioning may be done to change the handling characteristics of the motor-cycle, fit the frame to the rider, or more often than not, to give the motorcycle a particular look, i.e. long and low or a high neck.

Does lowering a motorcycle affect the handling?

Effects on Handling

Even if you lower your bike by the book, handling can be affected to some degree. “When you lower a bike, you also lower its center of gravity, so it’ll handle a bit better in certain circumstances,” says Langley. “The negative is that your initial ground clearance is decreased.

How does rake affect handling?

The smaller the rake angle, the less effort is required to turn the steering. Though, the motorcycle will be less stable in a straight line. Conversely, a larger rake angle requires more effort to turn but tends to make the motorcycle more stable at high speeds and helps maintain a straight course.

What is a good lean angle on motorcycle?

If I use a coefficient of 0.7, this would give a lean angle of 35 degrees. However, racing motorcycles can lean over 60 degrees.

How are motorcycle rakes measured?

OFFSET: Centerline of the top steering neck to the centerline of the top of the fork tubes. RAKE: The angle in degrees of the steering neck from vertical. FORK LENGTH: The distance between the top of the fork tubes to the centerline of the axle.

What does bike geometry mean?

Understanding the geometry of your steed and the impact it has to your ride doesn’t have to be complicated. Bike geometry is responsible for how a bike looks, rides, and handles, and having a basic grasp of the key figures will go a long to way aiding you in comparing different bikes and what is best for you.

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What are Harley rakes used for?

Harley Power Box Rakes for Tractors are for one step landscaping, with adjustable barrier to control the size of material that passes, the larger debris is contained between the front side plates or wind rowed to the side. The results are a perfect seed bed, prepped, smooth and leveled.

Is a Harley Rake worth it?

Yes, it works great. I have on for my tractor, we use it to prep new lawns every time. We use it to spread the new dirt, too. It reduces raking time by 90%.

Will a Harley Rake remove rocks?

Harley rake will till the soil, and depending on how much pressure you put down will determine the depth of which it will till. … It tends to pick up a decent amount of dirt as well when it is collecting rocks so just a heads up. You want to put in a good 2-3″ of quality material to seed on top of as well.

What’s the point of stretching a motorcycle?

Stretching a sportbike lowers its stance, which can be further lowered by additional suspension modifications. A lowered stance improves traction, meaning less power is wasted and more power is available to push the bike forward.

What is stretch on a motorcycle frame?

Stretching a frame is accomplished by lengthening the bottom rails and the wishbones, and extending the top tube and downtubes in order to change the neck angle. This is an example a stretch made in the rear portion of a frame. As you can see the axle has shifted upward resulting in a lower chopper.

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