What is a lowering link motorcycle?

Lowering links are a replacement for the existing shock linkage that basically lowers the ride height of your motorcycle. If your motorcycle’s shock is not adjustable for ride height, then these are an option. … First and foremost, it is crucial that you lower both ends of your motorcycle at the same time.

Install Lowering Links

The link arms multiply swingarm movement, allowing for a rising-rate of shock damping. The first movement can be soft for small bumps, then progressively harder for larger hits. Longer “lowering” links, effectively move the bottom shock mount closer to the ground, thus reducing the seat height.

What does lowering a motorcycle do?

Lowering the seat can help you make your motorcycle more comfortable to ride, and it makes it easier to reach the ground. By shaving off a portion of the seat, you’ll make it easier to firmly plant your feet because you won’t have to spread your legs so far around the bike.

Lowering the rear with a link will tilt the bike towards the rear and, unless you also raise the front shocks in the triple clamps to compensate, the steering geometry will change slightly and might adversely affect the handling characteristics of a pretty good bike.

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Does lowering a motorcycle make it faster?

By lowering the front end, you are manipulating the bike’s rake and trail settings. Without getting too technical, this will make your bike quicker turning at the expense of reducing high-speed stability. If you stay conservative, you may not notice any handling differences.

How many inches can you lower a motorcycle?

The ground clearance factor means there’s also a limit to how much you can lower a sportbike. Nearly all of the suspension technicians we spoke with said for riders who don’t intend to drag race, 1.5 inches is the limit they would be comfortable with for shortening suspension.

How can I reduce the height of my bike?

If you’re going to lower your motorcycle, it’s very important that you reduce the front and rear ride height by the same amount to maintain chassis attitude. To lower the front you loosen the triple-clamp bolts and slide the fork legs up.

How do you ride a tall motorcycle if you are short?

To mount a tall bike, turn the handlebars away before getting on or off. Put the bike in gear, so it doesn’t move. Starting on the left of the motorcycle, turn the handlebars as far right as they will go. The bike then leans down and toward the rider, resulting in a big difference for short riders.

How do you become a tall motorcycle?

Step 4: Side Saddle to Seated

  1. Stand at the left side of your bike.
  2. Hold the handle bars.
  3. step up on to the foot peg with your left foot.
  4. stand up, put your weight over the centre of the bike a bit.
  5. swing your right leg over keeping your body in roughly the same place.
  6. sit down.
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How do I shorten my motorcycle forks?

To shorten the fork (travel) you need a spacer at the bottom of the slider to keep the slider from going all the way up (keeps the tire/low mounted fender from jamming into the lower clamp) and another one above the top out spring to keep them from extending.

How many inches can you lower a dirt bike?

You can buy a lowering link and move the forks up through the tree. Don’t forget to adjust the sag on the shock. You can lower a bike 3-4 inches with doing everything above.

Can you lower a CRF250L?

Included is a Honda CRF250L Lowering Link Kit that is fully adjustable, and usage instructions. This fits all years CRF250L This turnbuckle style lowering link will adjust the rear ride height of the bike infinitely between a 1 inch and a 4 inch drop.

Can you lower a Honda XR650L?

Our XR650L 1993-2019 turnbuckle style lowering link will adjust the rear of the bike infinitely between -1 and a -2 inch drop. No need to remove the link from the bike.

What height should my motorcycle seat be?

Most cruiser motorcycles have seat heights in the range of 26-29 inches high, While standards typically range from 28-31 inches high. Sport bikes seats are normally a bit higher and range from about 30 inches to 33 inches.

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