What is suspension preload on a motorcycle?

Preload is simply the amount the springs are compressed while the suspension is fully extended. A typical pair of sports bike fork springs are about 8.5-9.5N/mm. … Adding more preload just means the fork won’t need to compress as far for the spring to get its 50mm, so the bike will sit a little higher at the front.

What does suspension preload do?

Preload is used to adjust the shock or spring to the correct range of operation within the suspension’s travel-more preload will raise the bike up on its suspension, keeping you near the top of its travel. With less preload, the bike sits lower and closer to the bottom of its suspension travel.

Does preload affect ride quality?

So the more the pre-load, the higher the ride height, the farther from the bumpstops, the nicer the ride. Until you get to the point where your preload is more than your cornerweights, it won’t affect ride quality.

Does preload affect ride height?

The suspension may feel stiffer when preload is increased, but that’s because adding preload compresses the spring, so it takes more pressure to move the suspension any further. Adjusting preload simply determines the motorcycle’s ride height. … Basically, when ride height is overly high there is too little sag.

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How do you set preload on a motorcycle?

To adjust the preload, wind the spring collar down to reduce the amount of sag and up to increase sag.

Does preload affect stiffness?

The myth: Preload affects spring rates and handling characteristics. Why it’s wrong: The short answer is that preload won’t make a spring any stiffer, and it won’t make it any softer, but all you want to know is why you’ve been told the opposite.

How much preload is too much?

A good indication that you’re relying on preload too much is if the bike has no sag at all under its own weight (with you NOT on the bike). Ideally, the bike will sag a small amount without you on it (5% or so) and then reach the desired 25-30% sag with you on the bike in normal riding position.

What is a preload spacer?

In preload washers, the raised irregularities of the spring washer flatten to a predetermined degree, while providing proportional resistance. … Preload spacers are unique products that offer axial deflection of up to . 07 inches before plastic deformation occurs.

How does spring preload affect handling?

Spring preload pushes the tire down and makes the suspension work. On big bumps at speed the spring preload pushes the tires down to better follow the terrain and make a smoother, more controlled ride. Under articulation the spring preload increases tire contract pressure improving traction.

Do coilovers make your ride smoother?

Absolutely not. Since most coilovers are also going to allow you to lower the ride height, the spring and shock rate should be increased to avoid the suspension crashing and bottoming out. Doing so will offer a performance bump to most any vehicle.

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Why is preload important?

Preload becomes very important for large mechanical and high performance system such as large Telescopes. In the general sense, it refers to the internal application of stress to certain mechanical systems. … It also prevents buckling if stresses change depending on position in certain systems.

Does spring rate affect ride height?

You should increase the spring rate from the standard rate. It will also depend on the tires you use and the course you drive on. … (If you increase the spring rate, the ride height will also increase, so please lower the lower seat.)

What is preload and damping?

Preload adjusts the ride height. Your Spring rate is constant, you manipulate the preload to put the suspension in the desired operating range with your bodyweight on the bike. … Damping adjustment controls how much energy is dissipated when the suspension absorbs bumps.

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