What is the genres of Motorcycle Diaries?

What is the theme of The Motorcycle Diaries?

Medicine is often a mix of disillusionment and conflicting ideologies, misplaced respect and status, friendship and solidarity. These are values that surprisingly play a central theme in The Motorcycle Diaries, a film about a young Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado.

Is Motorcycle Diaries a true story?

The Motorcycle Diaries, which is based on memoirs written by Granado and by Guevara, who would become the revolutionary “El Che,” is structured as an inspirational road movie in which Ernesto “discovers” himself in the process of witnessing social injustice.

Why is Motorcycle Diaries rated R?

“The Motorcycle Diaries” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian) for strong language and sexual references. … This film is rated R. WITH: Gael García Bernal (Ernesto Guevara de la Serna), Rodrigo de la Serna (Alberto Granado) and Mía Maestro (Chichina Ferreyra).

How long is the Motorcycle Diaries?

2 ч 6 мин

What does Ernesto do with the money Chichina gives him?

It is $15 Chichina has given him to buy her a bathing suit if they make it to the U.S. Ernesto says the money is off limits. They spin out on a rough dirt road.

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What motorcycle did Che Guevara ride?

He wanted to travel, go north, travel the Americas, go all the way to North America. He went on this trip on a 1947 Model 18 Norton motorcycle with his friend Alberto Granado (incidentally, Alberto died this year, 2011, at age 88 in Cuba – Ernesto was 6 years younger than Alberto).

What happened to Chichina in Motorcycle Diaries?

After leaving Buenos Aires but before beginning their trip in earnest, Ernesto and Alberto visit Ernesto’s girlfriend Chichina at her summer house. … However, Comeback almost dies several times on the way to Chichina’s summer house, falling off the motorcycle and refusing to eat.

How does the motorcycle diaries end?

Che celebrates his birthday while on the north side, but he longs to be with the sickos on the south, and swims across the river to join them. The movie ends with Che at the airport about to fly (home?), and he explains how the trip has opened his eyes and changed his outlook on life.

Is Motorcycle Diaries in English?

The Motorcycle Diaries (film)

Motorcycle Diaries
Countries Argentina Brazil United States Chile Peru United Kingdom Germany France
Languages Spanish Quechua
Budget N/A
Box office $57.7 million

What is the movie Motorcycle Diaries about?

On a break before his last semester of medical school, Ernesto “Che” Guevara (Gael García Bernal) travels with his friend Alberto Granado (Rodrigo de la Serna) from Brazil to Peru by motorcycle. The two men soon witness the great disparities in South America, encountering poor peasants and observing the exploitation of labor by wealthy industrialists. When they reach a leper colony in Peru, Ernesto’s values have changed so much that he sides with the sufferers, forgetting his own comfort.

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Why did Ernesto swim across the river?

It is also why Ernesto chooses to swim across the river the night of his birthday, when the boats have stopped running. He wants to celebrate with the lepers as well as the healthy.

Who wrote The Motorcycle Diaries?

Che Guevara

When was the motorcycle diaries written?

The Motorcycle Diaries (book)

Author Ernesto “Che” Guevara
Genre Memoir
Publisher Verso Books
Publication date May 17, 1995
Pages 166
Types of transport