What is the primary drive on a motorcycle?

The primary drive consists of an engine output sprocket (attached to the crankshaft), clutch assembly, roller chain (or belt) and usually a housing that encloses the entire assembly. The purpose of the clutch is to engage the primary drive to the transmission.

What is the drivetrain on a motorcycle?

The ‘drivetrain’ of the bike consists of all the bits that you use to push (or pull) the bike along. The key components are the pedals, cranks, chainrings, chain, cogs (cassette) and derailleur.

What is the final drive on a motorcycle?

Final drive is simply the last step in the process of transferring engine power to a bike’s rear wheel. Early motorcycles that didn’t have a clutch or gearbox drove the rear wheel directly by way of a tensioned leather belt running from the engine’s output shaft.

What is primary drive ratio?

The primary drive is the ratio between the engine’s crankshaft and the incoming shaft of the gear box or clutch. Usually this ratio can not be easily altered unless you perform major surgery on your bike…. But if you do, also change the Primary Drive Ratio field in the GC accordingly.

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How much oil goes in the primary?

Fill the primary with oil

Harley Davidson Softails require one quart of primary fluid. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or the AMSOIL Product Guide for the correct primary oil capacity for your bike. Once you’ve filled the primary case with fluid, double check the fluid level visually.

What is a Harley primary?

The primary drive consists of an engine output sprocket or pulley (attached to the crankshaft), clutch assembly, roller chain or belt, and housing that encloses the entire assembly. The purpose of the clutch is to engage the primary drive to the transmission.

What is a Drivechain?

Drive chain is a machine element that transmits the power of a motor or the like as tension to driven machinery via sprockets. Features include: large reduction ratio, high flexibility in the distance between shafts, both sides can be used for multi-axis shaft transmission, etc.

Are belt drive motorcycles any good?

For starters, belts don’t need lubrication so they’re cleaner. Belts are also quieter, offer a long service life, and—besides the occasional visual inspection—require very little maintenance.

Is belt drive better than Chain motorcycle?

Unlike chain drive, which requires very frequent cleaning, tightening and maintenance, belt drives are relative maintenance free. … Belt drive systems also run much smoother, with much less jerks as compared to chain drives, and produce incomparably less noise too.

Is chain or shaft drive better?

Chain drives are generally lightweight which also makes them contribute to better fuel economy, and fairly easy to service. However, they do require a lot more attention when it comes to lubrication, cleaning, and re-tensioning, and compared to shaft drives, they wear out much faster.

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Does gear ratio affect horsepower?

Motor HP does not change when you change gear ratios. The only thing that changes is torque. A dynamometer measures torque and RPM, and from those two values calculates horsepower. When you change gear ratios both RPM and torque will change but horsepower will not.

Which gear ratio is faster?

A lower (taller) gear ratio provides a higher top speed, and a higher (shorter) gear ratio provides faster acceleration. . Besides the gears in the transmission, there is also a gear in the rear differential.

Does a higher gear ratio mean more torque?

A numerically higher axle ratio provides a mechanical advantage to send more of the engine’s available torque to the rear tires (and front tires, in a four-wheel drive vehicle), but you pay the price at the fuel pump. So, a truck with optional 3.73 gears will tow a heavier trailer than one with 3.55 or 3.21.

What kind of oil goes in Harley primary?

You actually have a couple of choices for the primary drive. The optimum product would be Mobil 1 Racing™ 4T 10W-40 motorcycle oil, but it is also okay to use Mobil 1™ V-Twin 20W-50.

What is a 3 hole oil change?

What is a 3-Hole Oil Change? A 3-hole oil change is when you replace the oil in all 3 essential components of the powertrain: Engine. Transmission. Primary.

What viscosity is Harley primary oil?

Answer: For any Harley Twin-Cam engine, we highly recommend using AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 in “all three holes” (as they put it) for two essential reasons. Update: AMSOIL now offers dedicated fluid for Harley Davidson primary chain-cases and transmissions.

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