What kind of motorcycle does Dr House ride?

House’s Motorcycle is the motorcycle used by House to get from place to place. It is a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade in Repsol finish. Repsol Honda CBR1000RR. The CBR1000RR is a 999 cc (61.0 cu in) liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder sport bike that was introduced by Honda in 2004 to replace the CBR954RR.

Does Hugh Laurie ride a motorcycle?

8 Hugh Laurie

Yes, that’s him. … In real life Hugh Laurie is a huge motorcycle fan. He has a collection of motorcycles in London and in Los Angeles. Once, he said that riding a motorcycle is like flying.

What episode does house buy a motorcycle?

“Locked In” is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of House.

What happened to House’s Corvette?

House and Wilson find the ‘Vette in House’s parking spot in place of House’s car. … The ‘Vette vanishes after this episode and is never seen or referred to again.

Does Brad Pitt ride motorcycles?

Although he’s in his 50s, he still carries a cool, leading man factor in the films he’s in. In real life, he has another cool factor: he rides motorcycles. Pitt has an extensive collection of bikes for everyday getaways from the press and rare motorcycles that only a select few can afford to own.

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Does the rock ride a motorcycle?

Dwayne Johnson ‘Rocks’ One of the Most Powerful Bikes on the Planet In His New ‘Rampage’ Flick. Dwayne Johnson surprised fans with an Instagram photo astride his newly delivered Triumph Rocket III motorcycle for the upcoming film adaptation of the classic monster-filled Rampage video game.

What happened to house after Wilson died?

House takes him back to ppth. There he confirms to Chase, Foreman, and the diagnostic team that he faked his death. In trying to get his identity back he hired stacy as his lawyer and pleads guilty to switching the dental records. He does 3 years in prison.

Why did House drive into Cuddy’s house?

House tells Cuddy that he feels hurt but it’s not her fault. … After the case, House drives with Wilson to Cuddy’s home to return her a hairbrush she requested. He arrives at her home, and notices her with Jerry and her family.

What kind of car does House drive?

House’s car is a 1988 or ’89 Dodge Dynasty, an interesting choice for a man like House, who has been shown to have an affinity, if not an addiction, to extremely fast-moving vehicles.

Who is Brad Pitt’s dad?

William Alvin Pitt

Does Brad Pitt own a Spitfire?

Pitt already owns a restored World War II Royal Air Force (RAF) Supermarine Spitfire, which he reportedly spent $4 million to buy after making Fury. … While it might seem like an odd choice that Pitt bought a fighter plane after playing a tanker, there is a good reason for that—he already owns a tank.

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Does Brad Pitt own a plane?

Does Brad Pitt own a spitfire? Yes. Brad Pitt owns a spitfire. He is reported to have spent about 3.3 million dollars to become one of the few people who own one.

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