Where can I get a motorcycle key cut?

Can Home Depot cut motorcycle keys?

Bigger hardware store like Blowe’s and Home Depot usually only have automatic, pre-set cutters and can only copy blanks that the machine is set up for. This will cost about $5 per key. A locksmith will usually have the blank in stock, and won’t charge you $20. You can do it in a locksmith shop.

How much does it cost to get a motorcycle key cut?

A: Average Motorcycle Key Replacement (Lost all keys) is $100 – $175.

Where can I get my motorcycle key copied?

Any locksmith can cut the keys for you, FYI most of the time the locksmith will have the key blanks you need as well, they won’t look like an OEM key but who cares.

Who makes keys for motorcycles?

Serv-U Locksmiths can provide keys for most makes of motorcycles and scooters. If you have no key for your bike, we can make a key from the ignition lock.

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Can a locksmith make a key for a motorcycle?

A locksmith can use your bike’s ignition cylinder code or the entire ignition cylinder to make a new key. You also have the option of reordering a key from a local dealer, using your bike’s VIN.

How do I get a replacement key for my Suzuki motorcycle?

How to Get a Duplicate Suzuki Motorcycle Key

  1. Find the key code that came with your motorcycle keys. Look for a tag with a code on it that was given to you when you purchased the motorcycle.
  2. Fill out a form for a motorcycle key from a Suzuki dealer or from a company that specializes in keys with electronic codes. You will need the code for this.

Can you start a motorcycle without a key?

If you don’t have a key for what I’m assuming to be your bike, then the best thing you can do to start it would be – to climb on, make sure your helmet is on properly, then put your feet on the pedals, and begin the reciprocating motion of pushing one foot down while the other raises, switch, repeat.

How do I get a new key for my bike?

If your bike is relatively new, you can check with the dealership. They should be able to get you a key if you supply the VIN number. It will probably cost a fair bit of money. If your bike isn’t new, a locksmith can cut you a new key.

Do you need a key to start a motorcycle?

All street-legal motorcycles have a key and won’t start without it. … The steering also locks to the left on most bikes making it a big pain in the bum to try move it and people go a step further by putting a padlock-type device on their back disc brake making you unable to roll it around in neutral.

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What to do when you’ve lost your keys?

Keep reading to learn what you should do.

  1. Contact your insurance company. This applies to both lost or stolen house and car keys. …
  2. Call the police. …
  3. Change your locks. …
  4. Watch out for locksmith scams.

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What do you do if you lose your key fob?

If you lose it: If you lose just the fob, you’re OK. You can still use your key to unlock your car and start it. Fobs are readily available as aftermarket products and are easily programmable; you don’t need a special tool. You can find them at dealerships, auto parts stores or online.

Where can I get a Kawasaki key made?

Replacement keys are available through an authorized Kawasaki dealer by providing your model and the key code number.

How do you remove an ignition switch from a motorcycle?

  1. Step 1 – Position the Motorcycle. Park your motorcycle on a flat, level surface with ample lighting nearby. …
  2. Step 2 – Disconnect the Battery. …
  3. Step 3 – Loosen the Pinch Bolts. …
  4. Step 4 – Remove the Damper. …
  5. Step 5 – Remove the Triple Tree. …
  6. Step 6 – Remove the Ignition Switch.

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