Where is the motorcycle gas tank on the last day on Earth?

Locations. The Chopper Gas Tank: Can be found in Bunker Alfa’s Lobby in the Yellow (Survival Kit) or Red (Combat Gear) coupon crates, as a rare item. Can be found in the Crooked Creek Farm in the barn in the Chopper inside (still a rare chance).

Where are the motorcycle parts in the last day on Earth?

Note: Engine Parts can be found inside Bunker Alfa Coupon Boxes, Other survivor bases, one in AI base and Airdrop. You can find your first (But only one) Engine Part in the Bunker Bravo, with an CAC Card B (Common access Card Card B)

Where is Bunker Alfa in last day on Earth?

Found only on floor 3.

How do you get bauxite in Ldoe?

Bauxite can be randomly found by mining iron ore deposits in the red Limestone Spire zone. Alternatively, players have also reported finding limited amounts of Bauxite by looting in the NPC bases on the overworld map.

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What does the generator do in last day on Earth?

The only current uses for the generator is to either restore power to the Watchtower, to access the sublevels of Bunker Bravo, or access the sublevels of Port. A Chopper or ATV is needed to deliver the generator to the Watchtower, Bunker Bravo, or to Port.

What do you need for watchtowers last day on Earth?

The watchtower has a partially assembled Electric Generator which requires:

  • 10 Wiring.
  • 12 Rubber Parts.
  • 15 Bolts.

Where are the rubber parts in the last day on Earth?

Rubber Parts be found in storages in all areas.

Does bunker Alfa reset?

Bunker Alfa resets every 2 days. Upon reset you will need a new access code.

Where is the key to the Alpha bunker card?

Cards for Alfa and Bravo are fairly commonly dropped by zombies in forest and quarry zones, at Airdrop, and in Bunker Alfa. But, CAC A can also be found in a Destroyed convoy.

How do you get rations last day on Earth?


  1. Buying in the In-Game Shop.
  2. As rewards in the Season Pass since Season 3.

How do you farm bauxite last day on Earth?


  1. Rarely drops during mining in Limestone Spires iron ore deposits.
  2. Common drop during mining in Northern Regions.
  3. 2 pieces can be found in the Northern NPC base.
  4. 5 pieces available in North Eastern NPC base.

Where is bauxite found?

Bauxite is typically found in topsoil located in various tropical and subtropical regions. The ore is acquired through environmentally responsible strip-mining operations. Bauxite reserves are most plentiful in Africa, Oceania and South America. Reserves are projected to last for centuries.

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How do you identify bauxite?

Bauxite is typically a soft material with a hardness of only 1 to 3 on the Mohs scale. It is white to gray to reddish brown with a pisolitic structure, earthy luster and a low specific gravity of between 2.0 and 2.5.

Where are oak trees last day on Earth?

Oak Trees can be found in the Oak Clearing event as well as the Oak Bushes and Oak Grove in the North. A limited number of oak trees (one to three) can also be found in the red Pine Wood zone (as of Beta v. 1.6), as well as a one-time set of five oak trees at the northern Watchtower.

How do you unlock the police station in Ldoe?

Police department can be found to the right from your home base next to the Sector 7 entrance. If you’ve never been to this location before, make sure to visit the neighboring watchtower first and fix the generator to unlock the eastern parts of the global map.

Where is the generator for bunker Bravo?

To access the underground levels of Bunker Bravo, an Electric Generator must be placed into the computer terminal in the main building on the ground floor.

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