Which of these will affect the stopping distance of your motorcycle?

What will affect your stopping distance?

poor road and weather conditions, such as wet or icy roads. poor vehicle conditions, such as worn brakes or worn tyres. a greater speed. the car’s mass – more mass means a greater braking distance.

What are 5 factors that affect stopping distance?

5 Factors that Impact Stopping Distance

  • Traction. Traction is a measure of a tire’s ability to exert a force on the road surface, changing the truck’s motion – direction and/or speed. …
  • Curves. When a truck is turning, a portion of its tires’ traction goes into changing the truck’s direction. …
  • Visibility. …
  • Traffic. …
  • Hills.

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What three factors affect stopping distance?

Stopping distance consists of three factors: Driver’s reaction time + Brake lag + Braking distance.

How do you work out stopping distances on a motorcycle?

All you need to do is multiply the speed by intervals of 0.5, starting with 2. That’ll give you the stopping distance in feet, which is acceptable for the theory test. For example… There are 3.3 feet in a metre – so divide the distance in feet by 3.3 to get the stopping distance in metres.

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What affects the thinking distance?

The thinking distance depends on the reaction time of the driver which could be affected by drugs, alcohol, distractions and tiredness. This distance will also be affected by the car’s speed. … A faster speed increases both thinking and braking distance, increasing the total stopping distance.

What happens to stopping distance when climbing a hill?

Braking distance will increase when driving downhill and will decrease when driving uphill. (Affect Breaking Distance) Roadway Surface: Any weather conditions can reduce traction and increase break time. … If you panic and slam on your brakes you might lose control of your car.

What are the six factors that affect your braking distance?

Factors that affect braking distance include “driver ability, speed, vehicle condition, roadway surface, hills, and weight of vehicle’s load”. You can control speed, ability, and the weight of the vehicle’s load.

How do you reduce stopping distance?

Let’s have a look at these 10 things that can help you do that.

  1. Tap on speed. Stopping distance is largely divided into two types — thinking distance and braking distance. …
  2. Maintain brakes. …
  3. Tyre pressure. …
  4. Uneven tread wear. …
  5. Tyre quality. …
  6. Road conditions. …
  7. Road view. …
  8. Distractions.

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Does weight affect braking distance?

The distance required to stop a vehicle depends on its speed and weight in addition to the factors of energy, heat and friction. When weight and speed are both doubled, stopping power must be increased eight times to stop in the same distance. …

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What is a total stopping distance?

Total stopping distance is the distance your vehicle travels from the time you see a hazard and press on the brake until the vehicle stops. Total stopping distance is made up of three parts: … The distance your vehicle travels while you react is called a reaction distance.

What is a vehicle’s stopping distance equal to?

A vehicle’s stopping distance is equal to: The sum of the braking distance and the reaction time. The sum of the reaction distance and following distance.

What is the stopping distance?

Stopping distances at different speeds

Speed Thinking + braking distance Stopping distance
20mph 6m + 6m 12m (40 feet)
30mph 9m + 14m 23m (75 feet)
40mph 12m + 24m 36m (118 feet)
50mph 15m + 38m 53m (174 feet)

How fast can a motorcycle stop?

The average motorcycle, ridden by a trained professional, on smooth , dry, clear pavement, on a sunny summer day, can go from 60 miles-per-hour to stopped in about 120 feet. That’s the length of two tractor trailer trucks, parked end-to-end. That is the best-case scenario. Your distance will vary.

How long does it take to stop a motorcycle?

From 40 mph a typical rider will need somewhere between 100 and 125 feet to get the bike stopped, depending on ability. Add perception, activation, and braking distances together and you could need up to 200 feet to stop.

What’s the stopping distance at 70mph?

Stopping Distance: Is The Highway Code Wrong?

Speed Stopping Distance
40mph 36 Meters / 118 Feet
50mph 53 Meters / 175 Feet
60mph 73 Meters / 240 Feet
70mph 96 Meters / 315 Feet
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