Why did the Hairy Bikers fall out?

Is one of the Hairy Bikers ill?

Fortunately, the Hairy Bikers star has since made a full recovery from his brain aneurysm, as he also chatted about the moment he was told he was “morbidly obese”.

Is Dave Myers still married?

Dave Myers and Si King family

Dave has been married to his wife Liliana Orzac since 2011 and together they co-parent Liliana’s two children from a previous relationship.

What did the hairy bikers used to do?

Directed by Bob Mortimer, the show was a fun mixture of cooking and chat with a little song and dance thrown in. It explored their youth, how they met and their love of food. In October 2010, the Hairy Bikers were guests on the BBC TV series Genius hosted by comedian Dave Gorman.

How long have the hairy bikers been together?

With their irresistible enthusiasm, Si King and Dave Myers, aka The Hairy Bikers, have become national treasures. Big hearted, down-to-earth cooks with a love of good food, they have been cooking together for more than twenty years.

Is Si King divorced?

King revealed that while they’re not together anymore, they have not made the split official with divorce yet.

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How old is Dave Myers?

63 years (September 8, 1957)

Are the Hairy Bikers vegan?

The Hairy Bikers – aka Si King and Dave Myers – are back with the fifth book in their Hairy Dieters series, and this time they’ve gone vegetarian.

How tall are the Hairy Bikers?

The two signed up for a TV show in which they pledged to lose three stone each through serious dieting, weigh-ins and stern chats with medical experts. The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food and Lose Weight BBC2 series is to start on Thursday. Six-foot tall Myers began the show weighing 17st 12lbs.

How do I contact the Hairy Bikers?

  1. Direct Tel: 020 87.
  2. Direct Email: natalie@
  3. Company Email: enquiries@ym.
  4. Company Tel: 0208 7.
  5. Website: www.ym.

How did the hairy bikers get into cooking?

Si: We were both in the film industry when we met, Dave was a make-up and prosthetics artist and I was a locations director. We first met over a curry and we just started talking about food!

Did Dave Myers live in Scotland?

And for Dave, the visit to Aberdeen will be a bit of a homecoming as his heart belongs to the north-east of Scotland – he previously lived in Huntly. “The Bikers really began life in Aberdeenshire,” said Dave.

Are the Hairy Bikers vegetarian?

Review. Famous for their love of meat, motorbikes and ‘man food’, the Hairy Bikers are unlikely advocates of a vegetarian lifestyle. But, having shed more than six stone between them by concocting quick and easy dishes that were also low in calories, the pair have now cooked up a book of meat-free recipes.

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