You asked: Can I use car antifreeze in my motorcycle?

There are definitely motorcycle-specific coolants on the market, but depending on the type of car coolant that you are using it is also perfectly viable to use car coolant in your motorcycle coolant overflow tank.

What kind of antifreeze do you use in a motorcycle?

For long lasting cooling performance, you should only use motorcycle and powersport specific engine coolant/antifreeze. There are two kinds of coolant; propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. Propylene glycol is often accepted as the best option for motorcycles. The two types of coolant should never be mixed.

Can you use Prestone antifreeze in a motorcycle?

So long as you use distilled water and NOT tap water to mix prestone or any other recommended coolant, you’re OK.

Can I use water instead of coolant in my motorcycle?

You are completely fine to use distilled water. In fact, as it was pointed out earlier, depending on circumstances, running straight water is actually better than running coolant. Coolant eats away at your rubber hoses. That’s why it’s important to use at least a 50/50 mix.

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What is the best motorcycle coolant?

Summary: Best Motorcycle Coolants

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Maxima 50/50 Performance Coolant Best Motorcycle Coolant For Hot Weather ★★★★★
2. Engine Ice High Performance Coolant Best Motorcycle Racing Coolant ★★★★
3. Zerex Engine Coolant/Antifreeze Best Rated Motorcycle Coolant ★★★★

Is motorcycle antifreeze the same as car antifreeze?

While it is true that there are fewer differences between car coolant and motorcycle coolant, most experts do recommend buying a coolant that is specific for your bike regardless. … Additionally, you need to make sure that the car coolant you choose to use does not contain silicates, as these can be bad for your seals.

How often should you change Coolant on motorcycle?

When to change your motorcycle coolant. Motorcycle coolant should be changed at least every two years because its performance deteriorates over time. Aluminium corrosion or changes in the fluid-to-coolant ratio are the usual causes for this.

Does Motorcycle Coolant go bad?

Yes, engine coolant does go bad. Older fluid may cause acid buildup, may become contaminated by rust or scaling, and may have reduced resistance to boiling and freezing. Deteriorated coolant/antifreeze may cause your engine to run hotter than normal or keep the engine from starting in colder temperatures.

What color is Honda Motorcycle Coolant?

The coolant is blue and it says compatible with the green Honda coolant.

How do I make my motorcycle water wetter?

It works good. I put in 5 oz water wetter into a gallon of distilled H2O and add just little antifreeze for it to be 10%. Thats 90% H2O and 10% antifreeze.

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Is it OK to run straight antifreeze?

Using pure antifreeze inside your vehicle’s cooling system causes that system to lose about 35 percent of its ability to transfer heat versus a proper mixture of antifreeze and water. … For this reason, you should not run your vehicle on pure antifreeze.

How often should I change coolant?

A typical mechanic will recommend changing coolant every 30,000 miles. But many will tell you, changing the coolant is not even on their radar. An owner’s manual might recommend changing the coolant/antifreeze after the first 60,000 miles, then every 30,000 miles.

What color is motorcycle coolant?

usually red coolant indicates lower class of coolant, Green is Long Life Coolant (LLC), and blue indicates, Super Long Life Coolant (SLLC), lasts up to five years or 350,000kms…

What is the purpose of coolant in motorcycle?

The Purpose of Coolant

Coolant – aka antifreeze, aka radiator fluid – is used in a liquid-cooled engine to manage heat produced by the engine. Most modern motorcycle engines are liquid cooled, and the same is true of engines made in the last 20 years or so (especially powerful and high-revving engines).

How do you check motorcycle coolant?

Make sure that the bike is cold and then locate the coolant system. Check the hoses by pressing them with your fingers. They should not be too hard, or soft or brittle. Check the clamps are in place and properly torqued.

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