You asked: How fast is a Ducati 848?

Manufacturer Ducati
Engine 849 cc (51.8 cu in), 4-valves per cylinder desmodromic liquid cooled 90° V-twin
Bore / stroke 94 mm × 61.2 mm (3.70 in × 2.41 in)
Compression ratio 12:1
Top speed 256 km/h (159 mph)

Is Ducati 848 a good bike?

If you want a machine that encapsulates the sheer joy of riding and won’t scare the bejesus out of you, the Ducati 848 is a great option. In no way a compromise, it is an excellent middleweight sportsbike in its own right that with nearly 140bhp on tap is hardly left lacking in terms of its performance!

What’s the difference between Ducati 848 and 848 Evo?

Ducati states that the Evo has a slight horsepower advantage over its simpler sibling, the 848. According to official specifications, the 848 Evo has a 6hp increase, translating to a higher top speed.

How much is a Ducati 848?


Suggested List Price Low Retail
Base Price $13,995 $5,585
Options (Add)
Total Price $13,995 $5,585

How many Ducati EVO 848 were made?

Ducati produced 2367 units ot the 848 Evo Corse SE from 2011 to 2013 (33 in 2011, 1547 in 2012 and 787 in 2013).

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How long does a Ducati dry clutch last?

Registered. I was at the dealer today and the mechanic told me that dry clutches usually wear out after 6000 miles or so.

Is Ducati a good bike?

Ducati bikes are well known for their outstanding designs, thundering V-Twins and last but certainly not least, their Italian heritage. … Today, Ducati has grown to become a major manufacturer of power bikes in the US. Also, they have a reputation that can give any American power bike manufacturer a run for its money.

Does a Ducati 848 have a dry clutch?

Although the 1198 and 848 share many similar components, as per the 916/748 and 999/749 models, the 848 uses a wet clutch rather than the traditional dry clutch of previous superbikes from Ducati.

Which is the cheapest Ducati bike?

New Ducati Bikes Models

The lowest priced model is the Ducati Scrambler 1100 at Rs. 11,95,000. The highest priced model is the Ducati Panigale V2 at Rs. 16,99,000.

How fast is a Ducati 1098?

The 0-60 mph time is less than 3.0 seconds and 1/4 mile at 10.015 seconds at 143.94 mph (231.65 km/h) and top speed of 173.3 mph (279 km/h). The 1098 R, with its larger displacement 1198 cc engine, makes a manufacturer claimed 180 hp (134 kW), 99.1 lb⋅ft (134 N⋅m) torque.

How many gears does a Ducati have?

There are 6-Speed gears available in 2021 Ducati Panigale V4.

Engine Specifications of 2021 Ducati Panigale V4.

Emission Type : BS6
Compression Ratio : 14.0:1
Stroke : 53.5 mm
Bore : 81 mm
Gears : 6-Speed

How much is a Ducati in the Philippines?

Ducati Motorcycle Philippines Price List 2021

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Ducati Models Price List
Ducati Monster 1200 ₱1.3 – ₱1.54 Million
Ducati XDiavel ₱1.42 – ₱1.57 Million
Ducati SuperSport ₱890,000 – ₱999,000
Ducati Multistrada 950 ₱995,000

Why does Ducati use a dry clutch?

The dry clutches are exposed which makes the naked eye to see the spinning clutch plates which is not possible with the wet types. The initial dry clutches were designed for racing purposes which enabled the teams to do a quick swap of the clutch without having to drain the oil.

How heavy is a Ducati?

Ducati 1199

Manufacturer Ducati
Rake, trail 24° 50′
Wheelbase 1,437 mm (56.6 in)
Seat height 825 mm (32.5 in)
Weight Claimed: 164 kg (362 lb) (base) 164 kg (362 lb) (S) 166.5 kg (367 lb) (S Tricolore) (dry) 193 kg (425 lb). (wet)
Types of transport