You asked: How much does it cost to replace a rear tire on a motorcycle?

How much does it cost to change tires on a motorcycle? Motorcycle tire change costs between $20 and $125 per tire. Bringing in the wheels of your motorcycle (carry-in service) costs between $25 and $50 and bringing in the whole motorcycle (ride-in service) costs between $45 and $80.

How much does it cost to put tires on a motorcycle?

Balancing, Weighing and Mounting Motorcycle Tires

Some shops include installation in the cost of the tire, while others do not. Additional charges may include $12 per tire for balancing, $4 per tire for weighing and mounting, and $2 per tire for a recycling fee.

How much does it cost to change a rear tire on a Harley Davidson?

A competent mechanic can remove the wheel, install new tire, and reinstall wheel in an hour. So you are looking at a minimum of one hour labor plus cost of tire. A new tire shouldn’t be more than $150 and labor shouldn’t be over a $100, so $250 (plus tax) would be a fair price.

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Can any tire shop change a motorcycle tire?

and yes a competent auto/tire shop should have no problem changing a tubeless motorcycle tire,,,,it is a matter of the shop foreman/boss willing to ok it.

How many miles can a motorcycle tire last?

To this end, different manufacturers give you different answers. However, if you are looking for a ballpark figure, generally the average front tire of a sportbike lasts 3700 miles. Rear tires tend to need to be changed much more frequently, and the ballpark figure here is closer to 1800 miles.

Should I replace both motorcycle tires at the same time?

The answer is no, you probably don’t need to replace both tires at once. That’s because the function of one doesn’t affect the function of the other. In fact, according to Side Car, the rear wheel gets worn out about twice as fast as the front wheel due to how the motorcycle works.

How much does Harley Davidson charge for tire change?

Up here in the great white north, Dealer charges $100 per tire to mount & balance if you drop off he bike. $55. if you drop off the loose rim. That’s after you are charged $265 for a D402.

How much do Harley tires cost?

About $550 for a pair, and that’s just the cost of the tires, not balancing and install labor.

How much does Harley charge to mount tires?

This past spring I was quoted $195 for front and rear mounting with balancing. It’s all labor. They charge one hour labor for each wheel at $97.50 per hour.

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Can I change a motorcycle tire myself?

No matter if you have a flat or it’s just time to change your motorcycle tire, you can easily remove your old tire, fit your new one, and ride it all in a single afternoon.

Does a rear motorcycle tire need to be balanced?

Do you have to balance a motorcycle tire? Motorcycle tires should be balanced at all times to keep drivers safe. A set of unbalance wheel will affect the motorcycle’s performance and might lead to an accident when neglected. Keeping your motorcycle tires balanced will also help keep them longer.

Is it hard to change a motorcycle tire?

One of those is changing your motorcycle tires. While most people would prefer going to a mechanic for this task, you can choose to do it on your own so you may save time and money in the process. Changing your motorcycle’s tires is not hard provided that you have the right knowledge and tools to do it.

How much does it cost to have motorcycle tires mounted and balanced?

Motorcycle Superstore used to have their “preferred installers”. It was a link you could click on and get a list of local shops that included how much it cost to mount and balance tires. The price ranged from $30 a wheel to about $150 a wheel.

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